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About Huppert

Huppert Pediatric Therapy (HPT) was created in 2001 by Leo and Becky Huppert.  HPT’s goal is to provide pediatric therapy services for children with developmental disabilities aged birth to five years old. 

The culture of Huppert Pediatric Therapy is one of family.  We believe that by treating our providers as family through communication, support and assistance, we can best facilitate the unique needs of each individual child. Many of our providers who joined in the early years continue to work for our agency and possess extensive knowledge in evidence-based practice and principles. 

Developmental disabilities are a diverse group of physical, cognitive, psychological, sensory, and speech impairments that begin anytime from birth to 18 years of age. In the first five years of a child’s life there is dramatic brain development, as 90 to 95% of the brain's cells organize and create pathways to more sophisticated brain functions. Not all of the connections are permanent, nor are they made spontaneously. Huppert Pediatric Therapy strongly believes in helping children during this time to create the greatest improvements in children with developmental delays. It is indeed, a very critical time period for therapeutic intervention.

In 2002, HPT expanded by adding Developmental Special Instruction (DSI) providers through the Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP).


In 2006, Huppert Pediatric Therapy banded together with four other small therapy companies to create Arizona Cooperative Therapies (ACT).  In 2013, Arizona began to transition the Early Intervention Program to a team-based educational model.  We expanded our provider base to cover the needs of the new, innovative Team-Based Early Intervention Program (0-3 years of age) while continuing to expand the Children’s Program (0-5 years of age). Huppert Pediatric Therapy is continually seeking energetic, high-level providers who are looking to remain at the forefront in treating this young pediatric population.

Becky Huppert, the co-founder of HPT, has been practicing pediatric occupational therapy in Arizona for 26 years. Becky is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a minor in Psychology, followed by graduation from the university's School of Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy. She completed her residency at UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, CA, along with a three-month pediatric rotation at St. Luke's Behavioral Health Center in Phoenix, AZ. She possesses extensive knowledge in the birth-to-three domain and continues to pursue coursework in sensory integration, autism, and pediatric feeding. Becky continues to enjoy mentoring and supporting new providers to the field of pediatric therapy.


Leo Huppert provides the business acumen for Huppert Pediatrics. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of New Mexico. He began his career working as a civilian in Logistics Management for the Department of the Air Force. When Williams Air Force Base closed, he moved into Aviation Management at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, eventually working as the Director of Development for the Airport Authority. In 2001, Leo transitioned his skills to building the business side of Huppert Pediatric Therapy and growing the program.  In 2006, he worked with four other small therapy companies to help create Arizona Cooperative Therapies (ACT). ACT has presently expanded to approximately twenty different provider companies working together in early intervention. Leo has served in a number of leadership capacities in ACT including president, financial CEO, board secretary and contract manager.

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